Organizational Capacity Building

OLAM in Motion

The OLAM in Motion subsidy offers staff members of OLAM partner organizations up to $1,500/year to develop their organizational skills, in order to achieve the largest possible impact. Note: This OLAM in Motion category is not available to individual members.

The money can be used for fees for consultancy services on the following topics:

  • Communications (writing, social media)
  • Making your website accessible
  • Marketing
  • Participant recruitment
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic planning and implementation

Have another idea? Contact Yael Shapira to discuss!

This subsidy does not cover payment for:

  • A salary of someone already on staff or hiring a new staff member.
  • Travel expenses of the consultant. (The subsidy only covers the consultancy fee.)
  • Lawyer or legal fees for mergers and acquisitions.

Please Note: Consultants can be from within or outside of the OLAM network, and organizations can hire an individual consultant or a consultancy firm. The consultant you hire must fill a role that is not already assigned to a staff member.