Aspire Microgrants

The Aspire microgrant offers OLAM’s partner organizations access to up to $1500, for the purpose of supporting and furthering an organization’s journey to improve and embed ethical practices into its work. These microgrants can be used to support initiatives relating to one of four topics: ethical communications, community engagement, monitoring and evaluation, and global service. Microgrants will be given in the form of reimbursements only (not before the money is spent).

Microgrant application process

  1. Apply: Partners can apply for an Aspire microgrant. Applications must be submitted at least 14 business days before the initiative or consultancy begins. Late or retroactive requests will not be accepted.
  2. Interview: After submitting an application, partners will have a brief interview with Yael Shapira, Director of Network Engagement and Programs, to review the initiative.
  3. Response: Yael will email applicants an update regarding the status of an application within 7 business days of the interview.
  4. Make all necessary arrangements: Once a partner’s application has been approved, the partner can sign a contract with a consultant, organize a training, or otherwise prepare for the initiative. (Partners should make sure to keep all receipts to ensure reimbursement.)
  5. Report: Partners should submit a completed reimbursement form and accompanying paperwork.

Examples of how Aspire microgrants can be used

Consultancy: Partners can hire a consultant to

  • develop an ethical code of conduct for an organization
  • create an ethical practices plan
  • update organizational policies to reflect ethical practices
  • include ethical practices in an organization’s vision, mission, and strategic plan
  • revise hiring and training practices to include ethical practices
  • conduct an ethical practices assessment
  • review and update an organization’s website and other external materials to meet ethical standards
  • review website’s accessibility and take steps to make it accessible for people with disabilities

Trainer/facilitator: Partners can hire a trainer or facilitator to

  • train staff on ethical practices
  • engage board, funders, or other stakeholders in an organization’s ethical practices work

Software: Purchase tools to make website more accessible for people with disabilities

Transportation/food: Cover the costs of transportation and/or food for staff (at HQ or at country offices) for ethical practices trainings

Work group: Develop an ethical practices work group or committee

Input: Collect input from partners/communities/other stakeholders for program planning with an ethical lens

How to receive reimbursement for an Aspire initiative

  • To receive a reimbursement, partners must submit all necessary documents to Yael Shapira by the end of the current calendar year. These can include vendor invoices, receipts, etc. Aspire microgrants may not be used to cover payments to salaried staff. Receipts/invoices that are submitted must be made out to the partner organization requesting the reimbursement.
  • Applications may be submitted by any staff member of an OLAM partner, with the approval of the organization’s CEO/Executive Director.

Aspire consultants

  • OLAM has assembled a list of recommended consultants, who are available to support the ethical practices work of our partner organizations. Partners can also choose to work with a consultant who does not appear on this list.
  • Partners should email consultants directly (and not go through OLAM) in order to discuss the scope of the work they are seeking. (Partners should mention that they are requesting the consultancy as part of the Aspire program.)
  • All consultants are recommended following work they have done in varying capacities to support OLAM.
  • Each consultant will determine and share their own hourly rate and availability. OLAM is not responsible for this, or any other, aspect of the relationship between partner organizations and consultants.
  • Partners can recommend other consultants to be added to this list by emailing

Additional notes

  • Microgrants are only available to partner organizations that have completed the Aspire self-assessment survey.
  • OLAM offers partner organizations two separate microgrants of $1500 – one through OLAM in Motion and the other through Aspire. The two microgrants are aimed at different types of opportunities and may not be combined. There are separate applications and acceptance processes for each of these programs.
Apply for an Aspire microgrant

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